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    Compete to win a free can of King Brown Pomade! Just reblog this post using hashtag #ThankYouBasedPomp and make sure you’re a follower of The_Pomp.

    Also, feel free to compete on:

    Facebook, Instagram, and/or YouTube.

  • Anonymous
    So in your "about" page you say that the whole point of this page is to "Just. Look. Good" but in your FAQ page you say you don't care what society considers attractive. So are you saying you go by what YOU think is attractive?


    An artist is no artist if the world cannot appreciate his work. It might be fun and all, but he gets no where by just impressing himself. Now, that’s not to be confused with making or being something society thinks is beautiful or attractive. The goal is do something so well that you convince society what is beautiful.

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    "I spend 8-10 hours a day caring for the cats. Between feeding them and cleaning up afterwards, it’s a lot of work. But I love it. I’m 69 now and live alone. It’s bad to stay at home with nobody to talk to… You can get dementia if you are alone all the time. So I come out and care for the cats. They are my family."

    (via kingcrackers)

  • Anonymous
    What would you say to a person that's saying "you're doing your hair wrong, it's supposed to be like this or that"? You can't say FU or whatever. I think you mentioned this in a video but i cant seem to find it


    I don’t say, “Eff you.” I would never say that because…getting angry in a scenario such as the one you’ve mentioned…that shows defeat. I don’t get mad. I’m insulted though, but not because they insulted my hair. I’m insulted because they assumed I would even consider their opinion.

    Now…aside from my overly narcissistic and prideful response, let’s discuss a more general and proper analysis of this scenario along with a more productive response.

    The core concept to this discussion here is the balance between what one claims to have and what one actually has.

    The Rockabilly Pomp

    Ignoring its origins as a women’s hairstyle way back in the time of Kings and Queens, the pompadour does have a singular form as its origins from the 50s and 60s. You can look up the hairstyles of Elvis and Johnny Cash for reference. Now, notice…is there hair anywhere like what the costumes and cartoons portray it as? Nope. Not at all. 

    Now, the Rockabilly subculture surrounds itself and is built off the costume and cartoon-portrayals of the 50s and 60s — in other words, an exaggeration of what it was like back then. The older members may more accurately represent the time period…but anyone under 30 is just copying what they see in the movies. And that is sad. The reason why I mentioned all this is because they are laying a failing claim and connection to the 50s and 60s. 

    It’s like the emo and goth kids who refer to themselves as punks. Nigga please…I think The Clash would wanna slap you as much as I do.

    The rockabilly pompadour is large, forward, and loud. In other words, it comprises for a small dique. Like come on du. If I really wanted to style that, I can grab me a blow dryer and one of them hair tampons….and throw up one of those things. But…I don’t want to. I honestly still think big hair is obnoxious as fuck. I want the hair to blend in with my appearance — not overshadow everything. 

    In all honesty, I’m such a pretty flacko that I can compose myself as a whole aesthetically. Unlike rockabilly kids, I don’t feel the need to find my identity from some dead dude I saw on a screen.

    The Metrosexual Pomp

    As we all know, the pompadour has be reclaimed and reinvented. It is characterized typically by very short sides — tapered, faded, or sometimes straight-up shaved. The pomp itself is also typically matte, whispy, and loose in nature. It can more commonly just be referred to has a faux pomp. For some reason, the hair salon/metrosexual/pseudo-high-fashion community likes to half-ass and nervously step into different subcultures to reappropriate. In more lamence terms, they like to steal from other subcultures and fuck it up…making that subculture now mainstream.

    I don’t believe I need to explain more here…I have no interest styling my hair in their fashion.

    My Pomp

    I never claimed to associate myself with either of these categories, so it’s insulting when members of those communities come to sending telling me how to style my hair. It’s like dude…I’ve been dissing your identity for months. Anything you have to say is straight-up irrelevant. 

    The pompadour is up to interpretation at this point. No one from the above communities get it right, so it’s all on everyone else to interpret the pomp in whatever way they’d like. 

    To the rockabilly kids that may say I’m styling my hair wrong…

    If they’re some Mexican kid like it usually is, I’d say, “And Elvis was Mexican?” 

    If it’s a white boy then I’d probably just make a Johnny Bravo reference. But don’t get me wrong….that show is legit and hilarious.

    What I would NOT do is have an argument over hair…das ghey.

    And to the metrosexual kids…well…actually, they never really cause me any problems. I’d probably just laugh and walk away laughing. 

    All in all, my response can be summed up by Lil B’s response to The Game, and I quote.


    End quote.

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